Which event will YOU hire me for?

Magic at your event. Which one?   Not everyone is aware of the full array of different types of events that Close-Up Magic is perfect for. Weddings is a big one, but this quick video looks to highlight some others you might not have thought of before! Hiring a Close-Up Magician at any of the following events can have a tremendous impact by getting people talking, breaking the ice, and sending all of your guests home with an unforgettable experience. […]

Mya Lacarte

“A wonderful evening’s entertainment!”

A recent event this month was the 40th Birthday Party of Susan Brown at Mya Lacarte restaurant in Reading. Susan’s partner, Darren, booked Nick to work the tables, mingle with the guests and get everyone talking and having a great time by engaging in some Close-Up Magic and sleight-of-hand effects! Darren had some kind words to say after the party:   “Thanks to Nick for such a wonderful evening’s entertainment to accompany our dinner at Susan’s birthday. Thanks for making […]

5 Reasons Why You NEED A Magician At Your Wedding

I’ve been to well over 100 weddings. Some good, some average, and some so remarkable they still get talked about. If you’re planning a wedding this year, which category do you want yours to fall into? I believe I’ve seen enough to know what works well, what doesn’t work well, and how people can be advised to add real value to their special day. I believe one of the best ways to do this is to hire a Close-Up Magician. […]

‘The Vending Jacket’ Trick (Revealed)

In this post I’ll teach you The Vending Jacket. It’s not a trick I would ever do at Weddings or Corporate Events, but one worth sharing for you to have some fun with! A great trick if you’re down the pub or at an event where people are drinking. You could even do this at home, as long as you’re wearing a long-sleeved jacket or coat. Watch the video now! The explanation is straight-forward so no need for a write-up. […]

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the new blog for 2015! In these posts I’ll be showing magic tricks, teaching tricks, and you can learn how a Magician can add so much value at a whole range of different events. If you are in the Wedding industry, the Events industry, are a Bride-To-Be, have a birthday coming up or maybe you are just interested in Close-Up Magic – then follow these posts and like the new Facebook page HERE. Come back soon […]

Southern Wedding

Having a Wedding in the South of England?

Having a Wedding in the South of England? This week I’ve been listed on a really exciting new wedding directory called Southern Wedding, who hope to bring something different to the Wedding Industry. They specialise in promoting local businesses across the South of England, with a focus on building relationships with companies and individuals who offer a truly personal service. Leaving out large franchises and chains who can often fall short on customer service and a personal touch. As a […]