‘The Vending Jacket’ Trick (Revealed)

In this post I’ll teach you The Vending Jacket. It’s not a trick I would ever do at Weddings or Corporate Events, but one worth sharing for you to have some fun with! A great trick if you’re down the pub or at an event where people are drinking. You could even do this at home, as long as you’re wearing a long-sleeved jacket or coat.

Watch the video now! The explanation is straight-forward so no need for a write-up. Once you’ve mastered it with a full glass, you can pretty much do it with anything. I have found that a full pint glass gets the best reactions as no-body assumes you can leave a full pint in your back pocket without it spilling, but you could also do this with a beer bottle, or to present someone with their birthday gift or a bottle of wine (depending on the size of your jeans!)

Enjoy using this, and let us know how you get on! (If anyone sees their partner doing a shocking job of this and spilling beer all down their leg – feel free to openly slate them on my Facebook Page).