5 Reasons Why You NEED A Magician At Your Wedding

I’ve been to well over 100 weddings. Some good, some average, and some so remarkable they still get talked about. If you’re planning a wedding this year, which category do you want yours to fall into? I believe I’ve seen enough to know what works well, what doesn’t work well, and how people can be advised to add real value to their special day.

I believe one of the best ways to do this is to hire a Close-Up Magician. You’ve read the title of this post, and I know you’re too busy for waffle – so I’ll get straight to it.

1. Amazing Experiences | Planning a wedding is stressful, so you want to make sure you have a great time on the day. You also want to make sure all of your guests have an amazing time – as they might have spent time, money and days off work to attend. My job is purely to make sure that every single person at your Wedding has a fantastic time, with truly amazing experiences and memories to last a lifetime. All the chocolate fountains and caricaturists in the world (or any other wedding entertainment ideas you’ve Googled) are not going to compete with that. All worries of “Will everyone have a good time?” completely vanish. If you need further clarification, check out my Testimonials page.

2. Maximise Value For Expenditure | You could spend £20,000 on this day and not hire a Magician, but someone who spends £7,000 and DOES hire a Magician is going to throw a better party than you! Nobody really cares about the balloons, the quality of the flowers or the favours left on the table, so cut back on the superfluous stuff and fill your Wedding with services that pack a punch and get talked about for decades. After all, “78% of brides (when asked one week after their wedding reception) said if they could do it all again, they would have made the entertainment their highest priority.” [Bride& Groom, 2003]

3. Break The Ice | Especially at Weddings, you get people sat on the same table who don’t necessarily know each other. By hiring a Magician, you break the ice, introduce, mingle and entertain as you go. Groups interact, get involved and everybody is having fun together. When I leave and move on, those people have now got something exciting to talk about and it completely lifts the atmosphere!

4. Personalised Tricks | One of the great things about magic is that tricks can be adapted and made personal to any scenario. This means that we can have a chat before the Wedding, and come up with some surprise gags and personalised tricks for your guests. When things are made personal, they’re also more memorable. It amplifies the experience for everyone. I did an event a few weeks ago and somebody came up to me who had seen me at a Wedding 3 years before. He said the card he signed 3 years ago is still stuck on his fridge!

5. Inclusion Of Everyone | You may have booked a DJ or a band, but not everyone is going to get up and dance straight away. Even when it gets into the night, not everyone gets involved in that way anyway. Any elder relatives or guys who don’t like dancing would rather chill by the bar or sit at the tables and talk to others they haven’t seen in a long time. Hiring a Magician (whether you hire a band/DJ or not) means you can work everybody and nobody is left out. I actually advise hiring both to complement each other.

There you have it. The 5 Reasons Why You NEED A Magician At Your Wedding. Watch the video too, and share it with any friends who you know are planning a wedding this year. If that person is you, call 07930 856 096 and let’s have a chat to discuss your big day!